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Hi there !

I'm Joker.

Formerly collaborating with Alphapolis (now Alphagames) to bring the mobile game's translation mode to all players, now all my efforts are driven towards improving the experience while making use of this wiki along the rest of the staf.

Also, we're recruiting to form a new Translation Team to get all the current Novel Chapters on shape. Cleaners, Proofreaders and Editors are needed. If you're interested, don't be shy send an apply on my Message Wall.

About me

I'd found the Re: Monster novels several years ago and became hooked almost instantly. It was my first time reading a work like that and I must say it felt so fresh and different that I started binging chapters one after another untill I catched up.

Some years later, a friend of mine and I found out the upcoming mobile game and started playing almost on release. It was great to finally be able to see some of our favourite characters and play with them but the experience was lacking due to the game's only language options: Japanese.

So, we made a first fan-made English version of it and presented it to Alphapolis (game developers). They took liking on it and decided to implement it to the game. That's how this journey started.

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After Djamboe's updating rate diminished, the rest of the wikia staff had to share that burden in order to keep the site up to date with the game. For that reason, we want to thank him for his contrubitions to this community and for devising the currently used system.

This is the usual update path:

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