Vajrayaksa Overlord is one of the evolution after an Apostle Lord reaches level 100 and fulfill the right conditions. First seen in Day 245 when Rou ranks up after killing the Flame Dragon Empress. It is considered a Living God Species.


Alternative Names:

  • 金剛夜叉鬼神
  • ヴァジュラヤクシャ・オーバーロード・ヴァイシュラシーズ
  • 鬼神オーバーロード

Vajrayaksa Overlord is one of the evolution after an Apostle Lord reaches level 100 and fulfill the right conditions. Other possible evolutions are Demon King of Destruction and Demon Emperor of Conquest, but Rou's intuition made him refuse those two weaker evolution paths.

A very basic physical description of Rou's changes:

  • His horns have increased from 3 to 5; the horns are curved inward toward his head and resemble a crown.
  • His tattoo's have also slightly changed, certain tattoos give certain buffs.
  • His hair has turned from silver grey to silver white.
  • His eyes have turned from red to gold.
  • He grew two additional arms under his previous pair, so now he has 4 arms.
  • Since he had Airgeatlámh equipped as an Apostle Lord, it has merged with all 4 arms leaving all arms silver.
  • He now has Demon Orbs all over his body: 1 on his chest, 2 on each arm and  elbow (four arms), 1 on each knee, 1 on his navel, and 1 on each shoulder for a total of 14 orbs.
  • In addition to the living body armor trousers, he gains a suitable coat
  • Rou can utilize divine power now: does not produce it, but he can absorb it from objects with divine power. He can inject the divine power into objects, like his red spear for example to make them much more powerful.


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